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Origin of Sabawiyan

Invoking the name "Sabawiyan" is our way of paying homage to our rich heritage, reminding us of the resilience, wisdom, and innovation of our ancestors. It represents a commitment to continue their legacy of excellence, learning, and growth. By embracing the name and spirit of Sabawiyan, we honor the past while crafting a future that holds true to those enduring values.

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Embarking on a journey to become Ethiopia's foremost provider of leather craftsmanship, where patrons discover not just products, but reflections of their identity while creating job opportunities for the youth and marginalized communities in Ethiopia.

Vision of Sabawiyan Leather
Mission of Sabawiyan Leather

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Founder of Sabawiyan - Abenezer Tadesse

Meet Abenezer

The CEO and creative director of sabawian leatherworks. Abenezer's approach to leadership is grounded in collaboration and innovation, guiding our team to new heights with humility and foresight.

His dream extends beyond borders aiming to share our Ethiopian heritage with the world through our leather works. He started sabawian leatherworks 7 years ago.